About Us


The System Architectures Laboratory, as part of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of George Mason University, conducts basic and applied research in several areas: the modeling, design and evaluation of architectures for information systems; the design of adaptive decision making organizations; and the application of Bayesian nets to course-of-action selection. In all cases, the emphasis is on Command and Control applications.


The research projects are focused on:

  1. The development of executable models that represent an architecture or an organization. Both structured analysis and object oriented systems engineering approaches are used. The resulting discrete event dynamical system models are expressed as Colored Petri Nets. Analytical, algorithmic, and simulation tools are used to analyze the behavior of the modeled architecture or organization and to evaluate performance.
  2. The effect of cultural dimensions in organization behavior as it affects coalition organization design or the modeling of an adversary's organization.
  3. The development of Timed Influence Nets that adds temporal logic to Influence Nets. A set of diverse command and control applications are considered from effects based planning to course of action selection.


The results of the research effort are documented in several types of publications: Reports and Working Papers (for internal use only), papers that appear in Conference Proceedings, and Journal Papers and Book Chapters.

Furthermore, a suite of tools has been developed that contains implementations of most of the tools and algorithms developed so far.